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GSE Services Pty. Ltd.

GSE Services Pty Ltd offers high quality ground support equipment and cost effective solutions to the aviation industry of Australasia. Our capability allows us to support the smallest General Aviation need through to the largest International Carrier requirement. Your one stop GSE shop.

Maintenance & Support

GSE Services can offer a range of services from call-out, to full workshop facilities. Through spares support and maintenance management we will have you up and running again. Contact us to find out more. Through good old fashioned service and teaming with a network of GSE manufacturers from close to home and abroad we are able to meet your every ground support need.

Refurbished Ground Support Equipment

GSE Services Pty Ltd has aligned itself with major GSE Suppliers and overhaul facilities, some of whom have over 30 years of experience in providing professional Ground support equipment services to companies in search of a dependable partner. Read more about our refurbished equipment.

GSE Services Pty Ltd proudly represents the following manufacturers

GSE Services offers the full range of ground support equipment.

GSE Services represents a select number of internationally recognised manufacturers of Ground Support Equipment to airlines, the aviation industry and military forces around the world. Each manufacturer has been selected for their:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Parts availability
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Very low rate of warranty claims
  • Minimum maintenance, and low operational costs
  • Recognised major assemblies utilised in manufacture
  • After-sales service is available worldwide at short notice
  • Recognised in more than 130 countries

Added to our full range of products we have selected and teamed with specialist Australian and overseas companies to work with us in the support of the product, this includes warranty and ongoing product maintenance, and spares support

Furthermore GSE Services can offer the following options with each and every enquiry:

Purchasing Options

  • Outright purchase
  • Lease
  • Rental
  • Exchange/trade-in available


  • World wide
  • Insured
  • Sea & Air
  • Free into your store
  • Full warranty
  • Training provided on request

Who is GSE Services Pty Ltd?

Milspec Services Pty Ltd was established in 1993 and has established a name of service second to none in supply and support of product. In 1999 Milspec Services Pty Ltd established a Ground Support Equipment division and grown this area of business. The growth has realised the establishment of a sister company, GSE Services which has rapidly grown to a significant business, providing Ground Support Equipment to both Military and Commercial customers in Australia and New Zealand. We offer high quality equipment, and cost effective solutions to all sectors of the ground support industry.

With the corporate strength of Milspec Services behind us and our experienced provisioning team in the aviation arena, GSE Services provides dynamic and innovative solutions to meet an ever changing market place. Our aim is to be your number one choice for all GSE requirements, including thru life support of your equipment.

GSE Services has the full backing and support, that comes with a company the size and with the history of Milspec Services, which provides financial stability for our clients. We operate independently but benefit from the corporate support of our parent company. Embracing the rigorous Milspec Services standards for quality assurance, we also have access to our parent company’s wealth of expertise and resources.

We are more than just a provider of equipment – our knowledge is airport-wide. We offer comprehensive support solutions to GSE operators in the form of sourcing, purchasing options including lease, freight forwarding, customs clearance, maintenance, spare parts, and warranty. Our integrated approach allows our clients to use GSE Services as a “one stop shop” or single point of contact for all of their GSE logistics requirements.


GSE Services Pty Ltd is committed to a Total Quality System. This practice of implementation and refinement of a Total Quality System seeks to maintain GSE Services Pty Ltd as a quality Defence Approved Supplier whilst continually reviewing and refining it’s procedures and policies.

Compliance with Key Standards and Codes

ISO 9001 – Accredited to ISO 9001 the GSE Services Pty Ltd quality systems is portal driven with each employee having direct and immediate access to any section of our procedures and processes through their workstation.